#alumniweekend#springfieldcollege#scalumniweekend @kquist21  (at Theodores’ Blues Booze & BBQ)
Just breathe (at Trumbull Park)
#jamtown #jazzy (at Theodores’ Blues Booze & BBQ)
#OhCassius! Last night at acoustic cafe🔮 (at The Acoustic)
We are spirit beings having a human experience. Entropy is the arrow of time (at The Lighthouse @ Seaside Park)
#TheGathering of #naturopaths #docere (at Amici Miei Cafe)


#ZiggyMarley  (at The Klein)
Beautiful closing ceremony for the 2014 Naturopathic Gathering here on the East Coast. Looking forward to next years conference in #SanDiego ✈️ (at University of Bridgeport)
There isn’t a season I don’t appreciate. But the universe doesn’t speak in negatives (is not, do not*) so let’s rephrase this…I appreciate all seasons. Autumn in New England is truly unique.  (at Ellsworth Park)
Selfie nation @ryanattar #naturopathicgathering ### (at Amici Miei Cafe)
Sometimes you just gotta monkey around when you don’t think anyone is watching. Today was a long day🐒 (at spiral field)
A 4 year doctorate where we get educated in treating chronic disease without pharmaceutical drugs; rather the use of botanical medicines, acupuncture, massage, manipulation, homeopathy, nutrition (base of all treatment), hydrotherapy, energy med, etc.-whatever the unique individual calls for.  (at Fairfield Marina)